Our neighborhood is now being patrolled by Metro Security Inc.

You may contact Metro Security at 504-835-5421.

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Lake Terrace

Crime Prevention District

In 2002 Lake Terrace residents voted to create the Lake Terrace Crime Prevention District to aid in crime prevention and to enhance the security of the subdivision by providing an increased presence of law enforcement personnel in the district. An annual fee of $300 is levied on each improved parcel of land to finance the crime prevention district’s activities. In 2010, Lake Terrace residents overwhelmingly voted to renew the Lake Terrace Crime Prevent District for another eight years. The Crime Prevention District is managed by a board of volunteer commissioners consisting of Lake Terrace residents.

The Crime Districts main function is to provide patrols of law enforcement personnel, currently the patrols are implemented through Metro Security Inc. These security services augment the normal coverage provided by the Third District of the NOPD. In addition to patrolling, the Metro Security Officers provide escort services to residents. To request escort services contact the Metro Security dispatcher by calling 835-5421. Also, upon request, the officers will check homes while residents are out of town.

This past year has been an active year for the crime prevention board members. In addition to the usual administrative duties and constant communication with NOPD and Metro Security, some of this year’s activities include, curbside painting of home numbers, the creation of a new webpage, new signs for meeting notification and attendance of both crime and levee board meetings by board members. The Lake Terrace crime commissioners played a vital role in leading the Lakefront area in advocating and eventually getting the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority East to fund the Levee Police for another two years.

The Lake Terrace Crime Prevention District Board meets regularly at the Greek Church on the corner of St. Bernard Avenue and Robert E. Lee at 7:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each odd numbered month. All residents are encouraged to attend. At the end of the day, you the residents of Lake Terrace are the eyes and ears of this neighborhood. Only you can know if something is unusual or does not look right in your neighborhood. Your continued vigilance is the best crime fighting tool. It is critically important that you be a good neighbor and report anything suspicious.



In case of an emergency, please contact 911. For non emergency situations or if you suspect criminal activity or need guidance, call 835-5421. Lastly, after you have reported an incident, always call one of the Lake Terrace Crime Prevention board members to report the event. We are your advocates and liaison for dealing with law enforcement. It is our job to hold NOPD and Metro Security accountable. More importantly, we cannot take the proper steps to protect you if we are not aware of the problem.


  1. Lock your car and do not leave anything of value in view.
  2. Lock your outdoor shed and place all yard equipment, tools, and other belongings inside.
  3. Install peripheral lighting around your home. This can include flood lights that come on with a timer or those with motion detectors.
  4. Install a video camera system that places several lenses on the outside of your home in places where they can capture activity.
  5. Install an alarm system and have it monitored. If you have an alarm system, use it. Not only does it keep you safe, it also protects you regarding your insurance policy. Many policies will not support a break in or a fire at your home if you own a security system and it was not set when the crime/fire took place.
  6. Trim all large bushes that may interfere with your view from your door and windows. These are good places for perpetrators to hide.
  7. When you exit or enter your home, be aware of your surroundings. Check all around you before you leave your home and/or vehicle.


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