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Lake Terrace


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New Orleans is full of wonderful neighborhoods, each with its own unique personality and character. Lake Terrace, a quiet place by the Lake is one of New Orleans' great neighborhoods. Resting along the southern shores of Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Terrace is among the most beautiful, safest and peaceful subdivisions in the New Orleans area.

Comprised of single family dwellings, the area is dominated by large live oaks, beautiful flowers, parks, a stunning fountain, plenty of green space, wide streets and a sense of spaciousness and privacy, all providing Lake Terrace neighbors with a peaceful and park like environment. With an abundance of natural amenities and a wealth of recreational opportunities, it’s common to see neighbors strolling or bike riding, children playing in the park or residents sitting on a bench taking in a spectacular sunset over Lake Pontchartrain.

Lake Terrace has approximately 447 families who call it "home". Many of the houses in the neighborhood have been passed down from one generation to the next. Children who have grown up in Lake Terrace and moved away, find themselves moving back "home" again to raise their children; still other families have moved from one house to another within the Lake Terrace boundaries. There is an especially strong sense of community among the area's residents and a strong commitment to maintain the area’s character and desirable living environment. Several organizations exist within the neighborhood through which neighbors socialize and take action on matters that affect the quality of life on the lakefront. This past year’s events included property owners' meetings, crime prevention meetings, movie nights in our park, Easter egg hunts, a children's Mardi Gras parade, garden club events, Halloween events, crawfish boils, wine tasting parties, neighborhood improvement projects and the highly successful annual neighborhood Christmas Tree Project -- All these events are planned with the goal of maximizing quality of life, keeping the lines of communication open among neighbors and the desire to foster in the younger generation a love for this unique neighborhood.